Summer anime “The Honor Student at Magic High School” A girls detective club will be organized!? Let’s search for the criminal who assaulted Tatsuya! Sneak peek of episode 3

From the TV anime "The Honor Student at Magic High School", the synopsis and sneak peek of Episode 3 "The Girl's Detective Club is here!", which was broadcast on July 17, have been revealed.

"The Honor Student at Magic High School" is a spin-off of the School Magicus "The Irregular at Magic High School", which has sold over 20 million copies in total, and focuses on the brilliant and perfect honor student, Shiba Miyuki.

Miyuki is enrolled in "Magic High School", an institution for training "magicians" who maintain and use magic, and dreams of a friendly school life with her brother Tatsuya, but she is confronted by a wall of "first class" and "second class" students, honor students and inferior students.

The title of episode 3 is "The Girl's Detective Club is here!".

At the First High School, the students are in the middle of the period for recruiting new members for the clubs. Honoka and Shizuku have good grades, and they are mobbed by a jostling crowd. A beautiful girl with red hair, Eimi, appears there, and saves them. The three became friends.

One day, on the way home, Honoka and her friends encounter Tatsuya, who joined a disciplinary committee, being assaulted. Eimi gets very curious about the incident and Tatsuya, which leads her to search for a criminal on her own will. Honoka and Shizuka end up getting involved, and a girls' detective club is formed for some reason.

"The Girl's Detective Club is here!", episode 3 of the TV anime "The Honor Student at Magic High School", will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other stations on July 17, 2021 (Sat).

(C) 2021 Satou Tsutomu / Mori Yu / KADOKAWA / The Honor Student at Magic High School Production Committee

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