“The Prince of Tennis” First TV Anime in 10 Years “The New Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup” Announced!

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The first "The Prince of Tennis" TV anime in 10 years, "The New Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup", was announced to be broadcast in 2022. Together, a teaser visual was released.

On October 10, 2021, the TV anime "The Prince of Tennis" series reached its 20th anniversary. It has been announced that the first TV series in 10 years, "The New Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup", will be broadcast in 2022. The series will depict the story after "The New Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius 10", which was released in 2014.

A teaser visual for the show was also released. It depicts Echizen Ryoma of the U.S. team, Tezuka Kunimitsu of the German team, and Byoudouin Houhou, the captain of the Japanese team, each entering the "U-17 World Cup" with their own thoughts and feelings.

In addition, the film adaptations will be available on streaming services including U-NEXT, a 20th-anniversary promotional video that features the path of 20 years in one video was released, and words of congratulations from almost 50 cast members have also arrived, so let's go check the official website.

"The New Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup" will be broadcast in 2022.

■"The New Prince of Tennis U-17 World Cup"

Scheduled to be broadcast in 2022

Originally by Konomi Takeshi (serialized in Shueisha "Jump SQ.")


Director Kawaguchi Keiichirou, Character Design/Executive Art Director Ishii Akiharu, Story Editor Hirota Mitsutaka, Color Design Tsumori Yuuko, Art Director Itou Hijiri (Studio ARA), Background Studio ARA, Art Settings Aoki Tomoyuki, Cinematographer Nakamura Yuuta, Editor Hiraki Daisuke, Audio Director Matsuoka Yuuki, Music Tamaki Chihiro, Audio Production Jinnan Studio, Animation Production Studio KAI M.S.C, Production NAS, Production The New Prince of Tennis Project


Minagawa Junko as Echizen Ryoma, Okiayu Ryuutarou as Tezuka Kunimitsu, Yasumoto Hiroki as Byoudouin Houou, Suwabe Junichi as Atobe Keigo, Nagai Yukiko as Yukimura Seiichi, Hosoya Yoshimasa as Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Shingaki Tarusuke as Kite Eishirou, Miyano Mamoru as Echizen Ryoga

(C) Konomi Takeshi / Shueisha, NAS, The New Prince of Tennis Project

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