“How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom” Part 2 sets for January 2022! Teaser visual and PV have been released!

It was revealed that the TV anime "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" Part 2 is set for January 2022. The teaser visual and teaser PV of Part 2 have been released.

"How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" is an "Another World Domestic Affairs Fantasy" featuring the main protagonist being summoned as a hero to another world and he has to make use of his rational thinking and modern knowledge to help rebuild the kingdom in dilemma.

This TV anime, which featured Kobayashi Yuusuke as the voice of the main protagonist Souma Kazuya, Minase Inori as the voice of the heroine Liscia Elfrieden, and animation production of which by J.C.Staff, was broadcast in July 2021 and had welcomed its final episode.

The teaser visual depicts the main protagonist Souma Kazuya and the heroine Liscia Elfrieden, who had her hair cut short at the second half of Part 1. The teaser PV gives a sneak peek on the negotiation with the largest nation in the work "Gran Chaos Empire" with the narration by Souma.

Part 1 has mainly focused on the great efforts of the main protagonist Souma in reforming the domestic affairs, but in Part 2, he will handle the diplomacy as a king, which will expand the scope of the story.

Also, for Part 2, it was revealed that the opening theme is "REAL-EYES" by Minase Inori and the ending theme is "LIGHTS" by Aimi.

"The 2nd TV Anime 'How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom' Live Streaming Special Program ~Gemstone Broadcast 'King's Brunch'~" was streamed at 6:00 PM, September 26, and has featured contents that everyone can enjoy, such as looking back on Part 1, so do check this out while preparing for Part 2.

TV anime "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" Part 2 will start in January 2022!

◆ Staff

Original Creator: Dojyomaru (Overlap Bunko Publishing)

Original Character Design: Fuyuyuki

Director: Watanabe Takashi

Script Writer: Zappa Gou/ Oonogi Hiroshi

Character Design: Ootsuka Mai

Music: Tateyama Akiyuki

Sound Director: Aketagawa Jin

Sound Effect: Koyama Yasumasa

Sound Production: Magic Capsule

Music Production: King Records

Producer: WOWMAX

Animation Production: J.C.Staff

◆ Cast 

Souma Kazuya: Kobayashi Yuusuke

Liscia Elfrieden: Minase Inori

Aisha Udgard: Hasegawa Ikumi

Juna Doma: Ueda Rena

Hakuya Kwonmin: Okitsu Kazuyuki

Tomoe Inui: Kahara Moe

Poncho Panacotta: Mizunaka Masaaki

Carla Vargas: Aimi

Roroa Amidonia: M・A・O 

Maria Euphoria: Kanemoto Hisako

Jeanne Euphoria: Ishikawa Yui

◆Part 2's Theme Song Information

Opening Theme: "REAL-EYES" (King Records) by Minase Inori

Ending Theme: "LIGHTS" (King Records) by Aimi

(C) Dojyomaru, Overlap/ Genkoku Production Committee

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