Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 15 Review - Gyes Learns about His Sister Ghislaine

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Mushoku Tensei Episode 14, Rudeus’ party is still in the beastkin village of Doldia. It’s rainy season, so they stay in the village over 3 months waiting for it to end. By the way, the bastard Gallus Cleaner is still alive and a prisoner there. Even though Geese helped fight Gallus in the last ep, he’s still a prisoner, too.

During these several months, Eris gets closer to two beast girls - Tona (Minitona) and Tersena. Tona is Gyes’ daughter. Eris teaches them her language a bit, making Rudy proud, as he was the one who taught her a number of things.

One night, Gyes notices Eris’ ring, which is from Doldia. Eris says it’s from her mentor Ghislaine. This pisses off Gyes. Ghislaine is actually his sister. Small world. He believes she abandoned the forest and her duty to protect it. That she’s a disgrace.

Eris defends Ghislaine’s honor and bursts into tears. It surprises Gyes that his sister is respected,  making him second guess what he thinks about his sister. Rudeus also comments that Ghislaine is someone he respects.

Later on, Tona asks Eris to teach her about her Aunt Ghislaine. Eris says that Ghislaine is her sword instructor. Tona hates sword training, but she’s happy to learn from Eris. Again, Gyes is moved by the influence of his little sister. And he’s further impressed to learn that Ghislaine is a Sword King now, and even learns reading, writing, math and magic from Rudeus!

But then a new problematic situation occurs. The rainy season is ending and Eris’ party will leave. Tona doesn’t want her to leave. She wants her to stay in Doldia forever. Eris says she can’t and Tona starts punching and kicking her. The girls brawl a little, but Eris does her best to hold back, which shows she’s grown up from those first episode we knew met her last season.

Tona is depressed and stubbornly doesn’t want to apologize to Eris. Gyes tells her that he felt the same way about her Aunt Ghislaine. He didn’t say goodbye to her, didn’t try to understand her. And now he regrets it.

So Tona swallows her pride and apologizes to Eris. The two make up.

The next day, Rudeus’ party bids farewell to the Doldia people. Gyes has one last request. To spar with Eris. In this way, Gyes can know his sister better. Since Ghislaine trained Eris. The sparring is over in a flash and Gyes wins. But Gyes admits that Eris is good.

The party takes off in a wagon with Ruijerd driving. All of a sudden, Geese runs up and joins them. He says he broke out of prison. How randomly convenient.

On the way they see a monument to the Seven Great Powers. The mythical greatest fightest in the world, even stronger than Ruijerd. This foreshadows we’ll see them in the series soon.

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