The additional cast of the TV anime “Takt Op. Destiny” produced by MAPPA and Madhouse, including Hondo Kaede, Ito Miku, Hino Satoshi, and others, has been announced

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The main visual from the TV anime "Takt Op. Destiny" has been released. Wakayama Shion, Hondo Kaede, Ito Miku, Hino Satoshi, Minase Inori, Ueda Reina, Namikawa Daisuke, and Hanawa Eiji joined the cast and the information about theme songs was revealed. The WEB radio distribution and a preliminary screening with the cast on stage have also been announced.

"Takt op.Destiny" is a TV part of "takt op.", a new project by BANDAI NAMCO ARTS and DENA that depicts the battle of girls "Musicart" with motifs of classical music. Produced by MAPPA and MADHOUSE together, the story revolves around the "Destiny", one of the Musicats, and the "Conductor" Takt who conducts her.

Regarding the additional cast announced this time, Wakayama Shion will play the role of Musicart "Destiny", Hondo Kaede will play the role of Anna Schneider, a childhood friend of the main character Takt, and Ito Miku will play the role of Musicart "Titan".

For the characters of "New York Symphonica", Hino Satoshi will play the role of conductor Lenny, Minase Inori will play the role of Musicart "Heaven", Namikawa Daisuke will play the role of conductor Schindler, who is the chief commander, and Ueda Reina will play the role of Musicart "Hell", and Hanawa Eiji will play the role of Sagan, who is the chief conductor and GM (Grand Maestro).

Also, for the theme songs, it was revealed that MafuMafu and gaku will sing the opening theme song "Takt", which is written, composed and arranged by supercell's ryo, and Nakajima Mika will sing the ending theme song "SYMPHONIA". Comments from ryo, MafuMafu, gaku, and Nakajima have also been received.

Furthermore, a preliminary screening will be held at Shinjuku Piccadilly, Tokyo on September 26. The first and second episodes will be screened and a talk show with Uchiyama Koki as Takt, Wakayama Shion, and Hondo Kaede on stage will be held.

And at the Internet radio station "Otoizumi", the distribution of the WEB radio "Takt Op. Destiny ~ Symphonica Radio Branch ~" will start from October 5 after the pre-broadcast on September 21. Wakayama and Honda will be the MSs of the program, so you can enjoy the main story together.

The TV anime "Takt Op. Destiny" will be on air from October 5 on TV Tokyo's 6-station network, BS TV Tokyo. The fastest broadcast will be available from October 5 on Amazon Prime Video.


My name is ryo (supercell) and I am in charge of everything other than singing.

MafuMafu-san, who has a singing voice that makes anyone recollect their time of being a boy/girl, and gaku-kun, who has a singing voice that reminds us of the weaknesses of people, and me who created a song that vividly depicts the world view of this anime in a duo. Thank you.


My name is gaku and I sang the theme song of "Takt Op. Destiny".

I love anime very much myself, so I am very honored to be involved in this beautiful and delicate anime.

The theme song "Takt" was sung with all my might to express the world view of "Takt Op. Destiny", so I hope you will listen it often!

I hope to make "Takt Op. Destiny" more exciting together, so thank you!


I'm honored to hear to work on the production of "Takt".

It was an opportunity to face my own voice once again as to how to convey the world view of the anime and the message contained in the music. I am glad that I was able to be involved in such a wonderful work and continued to sing. Thank you for your support.

【Nakajima Mika】

I am very happy to be able to sing "SYMPHONIA" as the ending theme of the anime "Takt Op. Destiny".

This song was created according to the world view of "takt op.", and I carefully sang words of lyrics' phrases.

I hope everyone will enjoy "SYMPHONIA" along with the anime.

Preliminary screening of "Takt Op. Destiny"

Date: September 26, 2021 (Sun) Start 10:30 A.M.

Venue: Shinjuku Piccadilly

Contents: Episodes 1 and of the anime, screening, talk show

Speaker: Uchiyama Koki (Asahina Takt)

Wakayama Shion (Destiny)

Hondo Kaede (Anna Schneider)

Price: 1,600 JPY (tax included)

* All seats reserved * There is a separate fee

* Please note that the speakers are subject to change without notice.

* Ticket purchase methods will be announced on official Twitter and official website at a later date.

WEB radio "Takt Op. Destiny ~ Symphonica Radio Branch ~"

■ MCs

Wakayama Shion (destiny), Hondo Kaede (Anna Schneider)

■ Broadcast schedule ■

September 21, 2021 (Tuesday) 12:30 A.M. ~ Pre-broadcast

October 5, 2021 (Tuesday) 12: 30 A.M. ~ Scheduled to be broadcast every Tuesday


Original: DeNA, Hiroi Oji / Director: Ito Yuuki / Series composition: Yoshimura Kiyoko / Character draft: LAM

Character design: Nagasawa Reiko / Animation director: Nagasawa Reiko, Kanno Toshiyuki Action director: Iwasawa Toru

D2 Design: Harashina Taiki / Weapon Design: Maenami Takeshi / Art Director: e-Caesar / Color Design: Suenaga Ayako

3DCG Modeling Director: Tamai Masahiro / 3DCG Animation Director: Ono Hideki

Cinematographer: Fushihara Akane / Editing: Kimura Kashiko / Music: Ike Yoshihiro / Sound Director: Go Fumiyuki / Production: MAPPA x MADHOUSE

Opening theme song: ryo (supercell) feat. MafuMafu, gaku "Takt"

Ending theme song: Nakajima Mika "SYMPHONIA"


Asahina Takt: Uchiyama Koki / Destiny: Wakayama Shion

Anna Schneider: Hondo Kaede / Titan: Ito Miku / Lenny: Hino Satoshi

Heaven: Minase Inori / Hell: Ueda Reina / Schindler: Namikawa Daisuke / Sagan: Hanawa Eiji

(C) DeNA / Takt Opus Philharmonic

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