The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Arc TV - Episode 2 Review - Enmu Puts Tanjiro and His Team to Sleep

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc Episode 2, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu are on the Mugen Train. And they look for Rengoku. Tanjiro has met him, but the others haven’t. Tanjiro’s super scent-smelling powers would help him find him, but they’re not necessary. As Rengoku is the only one loudly and hilariously yelling “UMAI!” over and over again. With eyes wide open.

Then the three introduce themselves to him. Inosuke is still amazed by the train, the first he’s ever been on. Zenitsu tries to calm him down. And Tanjiro asks Rengoku about the Hinokami Kagura dance his father used to do. Unfortunately, Rengoku’s never heard of the “Hinokami Kagura” before.

Rengoku asks Tanjiro to be his student, and Tanjiro is weirded out by such a sudden request. But he can tell that Rengoku is a good person with a strong sense of justice.

Rengoku also mentions that he’s never known a black sword user to rise to Hashira level because these users never know what style of breathing technique to master from the several options.

The train conductor comes by the punch holes in everyone’s ticket. As soon as the four Demon Slayers get their holes punched, something strange happens. A demon appears! But Rengoku slices off its head and kills it with ease, in an instant.

But there’s another demon in another car, with long arms and legs. The four engage the demon. Inosuke jumps in first, but Rengoku’s speed beats even his. And Rengoku again slices off the demon’s head in a flash. All three boys cheer. And beg to be Rengoku’s pupils. And all three look and sound… weird.

That’s because this isn’t real. This is a dream inside Rengoku’s mind! They were put to sleep as soon as their tickets were punched.

A hand starts talking to the conductor, saying good job. We find out that hand belongs to Lower One, Enmu. Creepy demon who put everyone on the train the sleep. Enmu believes that human hearts are weak. They won’t want to leave their happiest dreams. And if Demon Slayers are sleeping, forever, they’re defeated. He should use this chance to kill them while they’re sleeping, but whatever. That’s nitpicky, right?

Enmu is ordering some demon kids to tie ropes around the Demon Slayers’ wrists. We don’t know why.

We enter Tanjiro’s dreams. He’s back at his snowy home. He looks younger, like he did before becoming a Slayer. And his siblings, Shigeru and Hanako, are alive! It’s as if they were never killed. Like their deaths were all a bad dream. Tanjiro is tricked by this dream, believing it’s real. He cries, and embraces his siblings, apologizing to them. The two siblings are weirded out.

The rest of Tanjiro’s family is alive, too! In his home, Tanjiro’s mother, Kie, says kind words to him to calm his fears. The whole scene is like heaven to Tanjiro.

So far, this episode played out identically to how I remember the movie went.

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